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About Us

• Serene Care was setup as a “Boutique” Care Home operator to provide its residents with a serene, safe, warm and comfortable yet more personalised, stylish and intimate Home:

o It was born out of a strong, genuine desire and need to enhance and enrich the lives of people in need of care and support;

o It was created by a team that is passionate about providing residents with a future to look forward to;

o We wanted to provide a real alternative to the characterless quarters often experienced in large purpose built chain homes.

• Our goal is to meet our residents desire to live in smaller, more intimate “boutique” properties; with more independence, varied dining options suited to their dietary requirements, and stylish interior design with all the facilities and features to provide a comfortable and safe environment as frailties of age become a reality.

• We genuinely want all our residents to view their new accommodation as a “Home away from Home” and to eventually realise our ultimate ambition to be recognised as the care home company that delivers the best personalised care in the UK.

What We Believe – Our Ethos

 Our ethos is to provide the most caring environment possible in which to live and to ensure that the highest professional standards are adhered to.

 We place very high value on the fact that every single one of our residents and their families care needs and desired experience is different.

 We care for individuals with unique personalities, core beliefs and life experiences, who just happen to require further assistance or have dementia.

 At Serene Care, we strive to deliver an all-inclusive, resident focused care package, tailored to meet individual needs and support ability – as such, we are developing the very best of care the UK has to offer with the Serene Personalised Care Program:

o We encourage our residents to play an active role in the decision making process regarding their care and the running of the facility, believing an informed choice and a multi-disciplinary approach is to be of benefit to both residents and staff;

o Our holistic approach includes the provision of support to families and friends, providing them with information and assurance that their loved ones are receiving the best possible care.

 Due to the smaller sizes of our homes, we feel that we are able to offer a warm, homely environment to our residents. We believe this also enables our carers to build closer relationships with our residents and cater for their needs on a more personal level.

How We Succeed – Our Serene 5 Star Values of Service & Care

Core to the delivery of the Serene Personalised Care Program are our Serene 5 Star Values of Service & Care which both guide and inspire us on a daily basis:

    • Our professional work is led by our Serene Principles of Privacy, Dignity, Respect, Integrity, Trust, Empathy and Kindness;
    • All our staff will be fully trained to apply these Principles in all aspects of their interaction with our residents and all people who visit and work at the Home to ensure that services are delivered responsibly, professionally and with compassion.
    • We are in no doubt that concern for security forms a major part in most people’s decision to go into a home;
    • As such, we will respond to our residents needs for security by providing a serene and safe environment, where skilled help is readily available to any person who lives with us, to achieve their optimum state of health and well-being;
    • Individual requirement for privacy will be respected at all times and all information relating to individuals will be treated in a confidential manner;
    • We will regularly carry out risk assessments of the Home, the equipment we use and the resident activities amongst others to ensure a safe environment;
    • We also have a rigorous system in place for checking the background of new staff to ensure that anyone joining us is appropriately checked and qualified to do so.
    • Each resident will be encouraged to be independent and will be provided with the support to give them the opportunity to think and act for themselves as much as possible;
    • They will also be supported to make their own choices be it in terms of what time to wake up or go to bed, what they would like to eat and which activities they would like to participate in amongst others.
    • We respect that every individual, and the best care experience for them, is unique;
    • We will achieve this not only through our Serene Personalised Care Program but by ensuring that every resident feels at home and is treated as an individual, called by the name of their choice and is not discriminated against in any way.
    • We believe that the discovering and delivering of tiny details are what makes a big difference, and is the hallmark of highly personalised care that we will strive to achieve for each of our residents.