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About The Gables Care & Retirement Home

The Gables is a specialist Dementia and Residential Care Home. It is located in the village of Holmewood and has a wide variety of local shops nearby, with a good bus service. It is just over one mile from junction 29 of the M1 and a short journey away from Chesterfield, Mansfield and Sheffield.

It has recently undergone a full refurbishment to modernise the Home whilst still preserving its original character and homeliness. Improvements include a modern lounge, new cinema room, Serene shop, in-house hair salon and sensory room as well as complete redecoration of all areas, new furnishings and lighting making it fully dementia friendly as well.

It has been long established as a Care Home and is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to meet the needs of 34 residents (in 24 separate bedrooms). We are able to accept residents from the age of 65 over who may have residential and Dementia care needs.

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"I know my mum loved seeing X, thank you for looking after my step dad & for all that you are doing xx #wevegotthis|
Relative of resident
"All the staff are amazing and friendly, and very patient. Very helpful and nothing is too much trouble. I can relax and know dad is looked after well, as was my mum before him."
Relative of resident
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  • Review for The Gables (Chesterfield) April 7, 2021
    When dad had to move to a care home, he chose The Gables as Mum was already a resident. He was able to be with her until her death. They were both treated with care and dignity. Since then, Dad has settled well and always praises the staff with the care and respect he receives […]
  • Review for The Gables (Chesterfield) January 30, 2021
    My aunt has been at The Gables for a while now. I chose this home because of the high standard of accommodation, especially under the current owners. The staff who look after them have been warm, kind, attentive and caring with a very good knowledge of their personal needs. Their work ethic has impressed me, […]
  • Review for The Gables (Chesterfield) January 24, 2021
    Excellent quality care at an affordable price - recently refurbished, and has very caring staff. Great communication as well and keep us informed and involved even when done remotely. Highly recommended! Review relates to November 2020. How likely would you be to recommend The Gables? Extremely Likely
  • Review for The Gables (Chesterfield) December 12, 2020
    I could not recommend this home enough. The home has been doing a great job with my aunt who was a temporary resident at short notice. Not only did they ensure they kept in touch and gave lots of good communication and photos during such a stressful period for all involved, but my aunt also […]
  • Review for The Gables (Chesterfield) October 14, 2020
    A comfortable home, not too large with a homely environment and good care given by staff who have worked extremely loyally during difficult times. My mother has been a resident for five years, and recently all furnishing have been upgraded to a high standard. Residents are encouraged with activities suitable to their abilities and enjoy […]

Meet The Team

  • Julie Brignull, our experienced Home Manager, is responsible for the overall management of The Gables Care & Retirement Home and its employees. She started her career in care over 20 years ago and has been a Manger at care homes in the Derbyshire area for over 15 years.
  • Julie is supported by our Deputy Manager, Amanda and has a full complement of carers and a number of ancillary support staff who provide catering, domestic, housekeeping, laundry and maintenance services.
  • There is also a separate activities co-ordinator who organises a wide variety of events for our residents, who enjoy a good social life both in the home and within the community.
  • All staff receive training appropriate to their work including: Manual Handling, Infection Prevention and Control, Health and Safety, Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults, Medication, Fire Safety Awareness, The Mental Health Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards, Nutrition and Hydration and Equality and Diversity. Some are also trained on First Aid and Basic Food Safety. These qualifications are updated regularly.

Accommodation Schedule & Facilities

The Home has 24 bedrooms with distinct dining areas, separate spacious communal space across 2 lounges and a secure serene garden.

The Home has also been fully refurbished with improved facilities including a reminiscence lounge, new cinema room, Serene shop, in-house hair salon and sensory room as well as complete redecoration of all areas, new furnishings and lighting.

As well as this, the home is spacious and comfortable community space for use of the residents with a dining room (serviced by a well-positioned and equipped catering kitchen), three lounges on the ground floor and a safe and serene walled garden to which residents have free access.

All accommodation has wheelchair accessibility and special facilities including assisted baths and showers, hoists, special beds, pressure relieving equipment. There is a full fire system, emergency lighting system and a call bell system located in each room and at appropriate points throughout the Home, enabling residents to summon assistance from staff at all times; Residents should always feel comfortable calling for help at any time of the day or night, whenever they require it.

Range of Needs That Can Be Met By the Home

At The Gables Care & Retirement Home, we implement our Serene 5 star values of service and care in everything we do and especially in providing excellent care.

The Home is registered to care for residents falling into the following categories:

  1. Care of the older person requiring personal care and associated old age needs;
  2. Care of the older person requiring personal care and with complex dementia related conditions.

Specific Care Needs That Are Met:

  • Dementia Care

We understand that while the environment plays a big part for all residents, it makes an even greater impact on those with Dementia:

Each person who works here is trained on how to best help and support someone whose life has been irreversibly changed by dementia;

With our colourful environment, special adaptations and targeted activities to trigger reminiscing and fond memories, we want all our residents to enjoy their time at the Home.

  • Respite Care

The purpose of respite care is to provide temporary relief to caregivers in the home.Respite services are available to support an individual’s ability to live longer in the community by ensuring families are also supported.

  • Full Time Residential Care

Those living with us on a full time basis experience excellent personal residential care provided by highly experienced, trained staff in a serene, safe, warm and comfortable environment of a pleasant “Home away from home”.

Admission Criteria

At The Gables Care & Retirement Home, we understand that the decision to move into a long term care facility is an enormous life changing event for both the resident and their loved ones.

Following an enquiry we will provide the resident with all the information that they may require, including our Resident’s Guide, detailing the care and services we provide. We also invite all potential residents and their family to come and visit the Home and have a look around, as well as spend some time with us discussing the day to day operations of the Home and any queries or concerns they may have.

Prior to admission, potential residents will also be fully assessed by suitably trained staff to establish whether the Home has all the necessary equipment, knowledge and competencies to meet their care needs. The suitability of resident admission will be discussed with the resident and, if appropriate with the resident’s permission, their representative(s).

Once a resident and their family/ representative(s) confirm that our Home is the right one for them, a Serene Personalised Care Program will be implemented for them prior to/ on admission:

    • This includes a unique comprehensive assessment of the resident’s care needs along with an understanding of their routine and likes/ dislikes/ preferences/ wishes;
    • We strongly encourage the resident and their families to participate fully in this process to ensure that the most comprehensive care program can be implemented and we will continuously monitor this to allow flexibility and updates as the residents’ needs, likes and wishes evolve.


The home benefits from using Apetito to provide a diverse range of food available for residents of various needs i.e.: soft diets, ethnic meals and any other preferences or needs.

All individual dietary requirements are catered for – celiac, diabetic, soft diet, vegetarian, vegan and special requests can be pre-ordered.

The menu changes in accordance with taking into account feedback from the Residents’ Forum.

A member of staff will call to residents on a daily basis with the menu which is also displayed in the lounge.

If the resident wishes to have something different then they are welcome to let our cook know who will do their utmost to accommodate this.

All meals are served in the dining room or in the resident’s room as per their wishes.

Continuous drinks rounds are available morning, afternoons and evenings with a selection of snacks. Night staff can prepare additional snacks should the resident require any more.

Activities, Hobbies & Leisure

We have a policy of actively promoting the maintenance of the resident’s normal social network and social activities.

Each Serene Personalised Care Plan will include a facility for recording life history, social network and contacts, and preferences for activities and hobbies such that staff are made aware of these, and residents are offered access to those networks and activities which are appropriate and desired.

The Home also employs an Activities Co-ordinator who will organise activities for residents with a detailed activities programme.

Rugby Care Centre is an integral part of the local community and the community is encouraged to participate in and contribute to activities in the Home. Residents are encouraged to pursue their interests within the local community.

We also seek to accommodate the religious wishes of all residents.

There are also special parties organised for: birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions and festive periods. Additionally we frequently organise singers and performers to come to the Home to ensure our residents are enjoying their time in the home.

Specific Therapeutic Treatments

The Home can also make arrangements for residents to have access to a range of therapies. In such cases the Home Manager will ensure that the therapist is appropriately qualified and insured.

Keeping In Touch – Open Visiting Policy

The Home has an “Open Visiting Policy” and visitors are very welcome at the Home at any time that is convenient for the resident, at any time of the day or night. It is, however, advisable to check with the person in charge, prior to arranging an “out of hours visit” that the resident is awake and prepared to receive visitors.

Visitors are asked to sign in and out in the visitor’s book to comply with health and safety requirements. We also request that all visitors comply with health and safety notices, and do not introduce hazardous substances or materials into the establishment or bring in food from outside without checking first with the person in charge.

Facilities are available for residents to meet with visitors in private.

Residents who wish to make or receive telephone calls are able to use an extension of the Home’s telephone system. Residents are at liberty to have a private telephone line installed in their own room.

Principal carers and/or family and friends may telephone us at any time, day or night, to enquire about the resident’s well-being. We will always try to enable the resident to speak directly to the person telephoning, and if that is not possible we will pass on messages for the resident.

A facsimile machine is available for residents to send or receive documents.

Contact may be made with relatives or friends by phone, Skype, email or post.

Resident mail will be given to the resident as it arrives, unopened, unless they have requested that it be forwarded to another person. In the latter case we will forward the mail, unopened, weekly.


The Home holds a monthly Residents Forum. Details of scheduled dates for meetings are displayed on the notice board. All residents are invited to participate. This is a structured meeting which allows for open and honest communication about any concerns they may have. The meeting is facilitated by a staff member, is minuted and available for all residents. Pertinent topics/ suggestions will be fed back to the management of the Home, and where practicable, action plans will be formulated and implemented.

Relatives are invited to resident care reviews. Participation in decision-making is encouraged and valued

There is also a comment box available for any comments and suggestion from residents, their families and friends.

The Manager/ Provider of the Home are also more than happy to speak to any resident, their family, friends and concerned stakeholders outside of formal meetings.