When should someone with dementia go to a care home?

person with dementia

Caring for someone who has dementia can often be challenging. If their condition has deteriorated you might think about alternatives such as moving someone with Alzheimer’s dementia into an assisted living facility. Often, family members find themselves at a loss as to how to best support their loved ones as the disease progresses. One of […]

Dignity in Residential Care

Dignity starts at the very top of a care home with the manager and owner taking responsibility for ensuring their staff provide a dignified service. Care staff and ancillary staff are involved directly with residents and represent the care home. The care they provide and the way they provide it, are the standard by which […]

What is dementia?

Dementia Care - A Brain with pathways highlighted

Dementia refers to an overall term, such as heart disease, with the term dementia covering a wide range of specific medical conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease. The term “dementia” is a group of activities which causes abnormal brain changes. These changes trigger a slow decline in memory and thinking skills, also known as cognitive abilities, which […]